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Beam Me Up, Sheep-y!

By August 27, 2013August 28th, 2014No Comments

Are you a Clouds & Sheep enthusiast who plays on a Samsung device? Well, HandyGames is announcing a new feature unique to Samsung players of Clouds & Sheep which uses Samsung’s Chord technology to gift sheep. It’s as simple as being in the vicinity of the destination device, purchasing the Gift Sheep item from the Sheep Shop, then beaming the sheep over. HandyGames has also provided a video to show you just how easy that is

For those of you who haven’t played or heard of Clouds & Sheep before, it’s a sheep management game where you have to do your best to keep your flock from coming to harm. It seems like a simple idea, but the game has registered a minimum of 10 million downloads on Google Play already and an average review score of 4.7/5, so there’s definitely something addictive about it.

If you are a Samsung player looking to take advantage of the new Sheep beaming feature, you can download a special free and ad-free version with Chord enabled from the Samsung Apps store HERE. Or if you don’t have a Samsung device and just want to get in on the Clouds & Sheep fun, the Google Play link is down below also. Get beaming!


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